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I've had a lot of people ask me if I have an etsy account and as of right now, I don't. It's got me thinking though, should I open one? And if I do, what would I put on it? What would you want to buy or see?
I know etsy has recently taken down anything pokemon, so that's probably out of the question.

Opinions? Help me out, homies!
First off we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REX

Then we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTER

And finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TARIN

Buster is named after the character in the show Arrested Development. When I got him, he walked kinda funky and acted strange and also went crazy when I fed him juice! If you have watched the show, you'll understand!
A few people suggested that I name the big boy Godzilla, but I felt the name was too big for him! I was talking about dinosaurs to my friend Shannon and she suggested Rex for him! It's perfect! Tarin is a name I've loved for a long time and since it means earth, I figure it would be a nice name for my girly! Kind of tomboyish in my opinion!

Also, I'm totally obsessed with The Legend of Korra. Like, seriously. My life has been nothing but Korra lately.

Hey, look I joined tumblr too: not too familiar with it yet, but I'll figure it out! I'll most likely just post pictures of art things I'm working on that won't be posted here for a while or at all.

I have green anoles.
HELP ME NAME THEM??? One girl, two guys!


my god I am horrible with dA messages. ;_;

I had about 600 messages, almost 300 comments, dating back to october 7th... I kinda just deleted them all, since I'm sure I won't be able to find the time to answer them all. ;_;

I feel mean for not being able to answer questions and all, but I can't keep up. ;A;

I don't understand how some of you all can watch as many people as you do, I'm only at about 60 people I'm watching and I'm still having trouble. ;A;

So yeah, sorry if you didn't get a reply from me, oopsies
Hi guysss. ♥ How was everyone's holiday? Mine was great. :D
This was the first time in about 8 years that my family celebrated Christmas, so I was super excited about it! I got quite a few presents! :D

Tell me about your holiday!
I don't know if anyone has really noticed me not being on dA at all, but I feel like I should kind of explain why I'm absent and will be for probably a while.

I have some serious family issues going on right now - my whole dad's side of the family has disowned me, as well as my dad. My parents have a restaurant together, it's been very difficult and we're dealing with the legal issues with that right now. It has very very frustrating to deal with.
I'm currently working about 60 hours a week at said restaurant - so the emotional and physical stress has left me no time nor energy to do any kind of art.
I really would love to do more art, as it's a nice way to give myself satisfaction - but I really do just not have the time.

My life is really just falling apart and today is really the first day it's hit me really hard. I'm very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life that are helping me through this though.
Damn BakaMichi. Making me do this stupid tag.

1. Who are your favourite artist(s) on dA?

2. Why are they your favourite(s)?
Zenity has such an awesome style and she's really wonderful at all around every art thing I've seen her do. Watching her draw in person is really fun, because she doesn't mind me staring at her and she just does things really amazing! I forced her to sculpt too and she was really boss at that, even though she hadn't really done it before.
Teotocchi has the best freaking style of art. Everything she draws is really pretty. She's been one of my favorite artist for a long time! I'm not much of a busty babe fan, but she totally makes me seem like one!
TheHarley has so much talent that she should really continue to share with the world! Everything that I've seen her make has so much care put into it, with such attention to detail that you can't not love her work! I think this girl could pull off any kind of 3D work with ease!
Robo-Shark is amazing with everything that she does. Animation, doodles, sculpting, plushing. Her style is so lovely and is brought out with everything that she arts out! She seems to be able to put out 110% with anything that she wants to put her mind to!

3. What do you want to improve on most with your own art?
I don't really have a set goal right now! I would love to improve overall though. Though I guess I would like to improve my drawing skills, aha.

4. Do you go out of your way to improve that? Or do you just complain that you want to be better?
I try and get myself to improve on my sculptures as hard as I can. With everything I make, I study it after it's done to see what I could have done different, or what I could have improved on. This has helped me so much with my sculpting progression! With drawing, I don't really try at all to get better at all. I just complain about it.

5. Do you study anatomy before you draw something, do you use references for your pictures?
Lol anatomy, what is that?

6. Do I sound like a teacher?
Naggettynagnag nagggg

7. uhhmm.. lol... COKE OR PEPSI????
McDonalds/bottled Coke, fountain/canned Pepsi please.

8. What's your poison?
I actually love the taste of all alcohol.

9. Have you ever met an online friend face to face? Was it an amazing experience??
I've met quite a few online friends! They've all been really fun experiences and I love hanging out with people!

10. Do you collect anything?
Ohgod, you have no idea.

That is all.

Back from Otakon

Tue Aug 2, 2011, 10:33 AM

Oh my god, Otakon was so much fun. ;O;
Although, I did something really stupid the day before we left for there.
I'm a horribly lazy person and don't exercise at all, but I went out running with someone since I didn't want her to have to go alone. I was dying, ohgod. I'm so out of shape. Plus, it's hot and I hate hot and I was really just a pathetic mess of slacker. I don't know how I stay as small as I am.
But I woke up friday morning and my legs were just like "Jade, sit back down we hate you." SO I GOT TO DEAL WITH THAT ALL WEEKEND. Lol :'D

I met up with some awesome peeps though! I don't remember everyone I met up with, but here's a few people.
I had an awesome time talking to a bunch of people in the artist alley and just hanging out with people.
The convention was smaller than I expected, from what people told me at least, but it was still pretty big and that made it really difficult to find people! So sorry if I missed you. ;O; The artist alley was really confusingly put together.

Ohoho and my favorite place might have to be the game room. It was really freaking awesome to be able to play SSBB and such with so many awesome players. Everyone that I play with at home, I never have much competition. v_v I'm just too good, lol. It was nice to get destroyed for once. So many awesome game debuts too. ;O;

I was really amazed by the art auction area! When I go next year, I plan on entering auction pieces. ;U; It makes me really happy to see art loved that much. I'm so excited to play with clay. C:

Also I started playing with super sculpey for the first time last night and I'm in love with it! Too bad I hate having to paint things, haha! Oh well, it will be fun to just work with on bigger projects.
So far I've made a little Miku Hatsune and a Sai from Hikaru No Go. Totally in the anime mode because of Otakon, omg.
I can't wait to get home to my colored clay. I feel like I'm going to lose my touch if I don't sculpt something with colors soon, haha. :'D



Sat Jul 23, 2011, 11:15 PM

I'm probably not going to be uploading anything or much with dA for a while. :D I'm going to stay with my cousin in Pittsburgh for about a week.
After that, we're going to go to Otakon! It will be my first time at Otakon, I'm a bit nervous, because I hear that it's huge, haha! Hopefully, I'll do alright and it won't be too hot!

But yes, basically, I'll be gone for a while. :D

Oh oh anyone going to Otakon?


Angie was here

Tue Jul 5, 2011, 4:54 AM

uhuhuh I'm Jade, I'm so smart and wear glasses, I laugh at Angie cuz she only had two hours sleep




I'm so amazing :'D


Off to New York

Sun Jun 12, 2011, 7:31 PM

Basically what the title says ( ouo)/

lol, but yeah. I'm going to be leaving for NYC for a while. omgnintendoworldstoreomg

I'll be back on the 20th-21st. c:



Sat Jun 11, 2011, 2:04 PM

With Angie here, she motived me to finally make a FAQs area on my front page. I get tired of answering so many of the same questions, so I hope this can help out a little. I'm going to post the FAQs here, as well as my page.
If you guys have any suggestions of what would be a good question to answer, I'd be happy to put it on there!

Q. What do you use to make your figures?
A. I use SculpeyIII clay.

Q. Do you use paint?
A. No, I use colored clay for most all my sculptures. If I use paint, I will state so in the artist comment.

Q. Where do you buy your clay and where can I get some?
A. I buy it at my local craft shop. Joann's or Michael's. I don't know where to find it online, so don't ask me.

Q. How long have you been sculpting?
A. About 10 years. I kinda lost count.

Q. Will you make me something?
A. Will you pay me?

Q. Can I get a commission from you?
A. I only take commissions occasionally. Just look at my page to know if I'm taking commissions or not!

Q. How do you get your figures so smooth?
A. I've been working with this clay long enough to know how to handle it. If you smooth out the clay a bit after you finish the main molding, that will help. You can also try to use water to smooth out fingerprints and knicks.

Q. Can I use the images of you art?
A. I don't care if you do. I'd like it if you'd put credit to me as the artist, but whatever. I can just take another picture to prove I made it, lol.

Q. Do you have any tips for me?
A. Practice a lot. That's how I got better at it. Study your work after you're done with it and see areas where you could improve and work on that.

Q. How do you keep the clay so clean?
A. Wash your hands often, dry your hands with a light colored towel. Wear light colored clothing when handling the clay, that way if you do get fuzz on your hands, it won't show up so loudly. Handle the clay in a cool area, so that your hands don't get sweaty and attract fuzz.

also Angie sucks so hard 8|


Devious Journal Entry

Sun May 22, 2011, 10:27 PM

So basically, I have a huge pile of messages which I have no desire to reply to/check or anything like that. I'm sorry for the delays, but I have a life outside of the internet that is actually taking away from my internet life. Which is sad to me, but not much I can really do about it, unless I want to ignore a bunch of people.
I'm so lazy with my messages, I want to go through them, I really do, but after work I just don't feel like sitting on a computer.

I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but BakaMichi is coming to Americaland for the first time to come stay with me for about 5 weeks. I'm not really sure what we'll be doing, but I intend to show her everything that's different. Which is a lot, considering I was weirded out when I went to visit her.
So, I'll probably be distracted by her a lot this summer. We're planning on going to New York for my cousin's wedding, and after that we will probably be going to Philly, PA for no reason. It's been a while since I been there is all I guess!
But, she's going to get here late at night on May 31st. I'm so excited! It's just suddenly become more real I guess! :)


Scolipede auction

Fri Apr 8, 2011, 11:12 AM

Hey guys!
Since everyone seemed to love my Scolipede sculpture so much, I've put it up for auction over on LiveJournal. Normally, I only do my auction through LJ so that I can keep track of things easier, but many people have asked me if I'm selling the figure, and well, this is the only way you can get it!
Scolipede by Foureyedalien

Here's the auction link:…

People who don't have a LiveJournal account can still comment and place a bid. The only thing I ask is that you post your dA username and your email address along with your bid so that I may contact you.
Please reply to the last bid that was placed.
Thank youuuu. :)

Also, please give me time with messages, I'm very lazy!


Devious Journal Entry

Sat Apr 2, 2011, 11:14 PM

Obviously, dA doesn't want me replying to my comments or thanking people for watches! ;3;

When I try to reply to a comment or post a comment, it tells me that the system thinks I'm going around spamming people! You can't silence me forever, dA.

I will be back. :'|

Aren't you all happy I'm spamming you with sculptures though? YAY CLAY!



Tue Mar 8, 2011, 9:54 AM

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a fabulous day. <3

I'm going to be going on vacation soon to visit some family down in Texas. I'll be gone for about two weeks time! I'm really looking forward to going because I'm going to be visiting my cousin who is just a few months apart from me in age.
Her and my other cousin and his girlfriend are going to be going to a rodeo which is going to have all of the members of KISS. I'm not a terribly big KISS fan, but just the fact I'm seeing them for my first concert is pretty cool, haha!

So, black and white came out right? I know I've been playing it almost nonstop. I started with Oshawott! I named him Narkle because of the words Narwhal and Sparkle. I think that the final evo looks like a Narwhal, even though... I guess not? Oh well!

When I caught my first Roggenrola, I was so excited. :D I caught two of them even, which I don't normally do. Roggenrola evolves into my FAVORITE pokemon of the 5th generation. Gigalith. :D :heart: Everyone can shun if they want, but he's so adorable!
I also fell for Sigilyph pretty hard. Everyone I know seems to dislike battling it with a passion, but I can't stop loving on it!

How far are you all? I'm at the 4th gym right now.


Journal skin, yes omg

Wed Feb 2, 2011, 7:53 PM






Sat Jan 15, 2011, 8:51 PM


Oh my god.

They're bringing back fuchsia. They're bringing back fuchsia. They're bringing back fuchsia.

They've discontinued a few colors that I really like to use, which I am sadface about. But at least they're bring FUCHSIA BACK.

Link with full info:…

lol, you guys proly don't care


This seemed funnnn

Fri Jan 14, 2011, 7:42 PM

Few artists are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get.

-You must answer every question you get no matter what it's about and you must do so honestly.
-There are no questions that can not be asked as long as they are within the rules of DA. They can be personal, about OCs, and everything in between.